10 Best Embroidery Fonts For Towels

Embroidery is an ancient art you can’t imagine when did it first discovered. Crafters are always trying to turn simple things to a special item. Embroidery is one of them where crafters use their imaginary power to create beautiful objects on clothes, Goods or art material.

I think I don’t need to introduce what a “Towel” is, should I? Everybody knows about the towel. It’s a regular object which we used in our home. A simple towel can be special with the help of embroidery. You can make some awesome designs on it with the help of beautiful embroidery fonts.

Why fonts are important for embroidery

Are you confused what is the importance of fonts on embroidery? You are just thinking font is just a program how can it help but you have to keep in mind that computer don’t work automatically. So you need to have some basic knowledge about embroidery fonts.

Here I am making a list of 10 best embroidery fonts for towels:

1. Embroidered script

Embroidered script

This font can be your first choice for your towels. The price of this font is a little bit high.  This font has some fantastic design and specially made for embroidery. It will be suited for any towels. This font is available on Envato

2. Number Five Rough

Number Five Rough is a font that can be used as a stitch logo, display, and more. It comes with 2 different styles: Smooth & Rough. It can be the best choice if you trying to make a vintage embroidery.

3. Good Morning Script

Good Morning Script is a stylish hand script font. This font looks so nice when you use it on clothes or any other goods. This font gives premium vibes and looks so cool you can use these fonts if you want to make anything special or gift your towel to someone.

4. Lovely Girl

Lovely Girl font is a girlish type font. Girls usually likes these fonts. This font looks so elegant & charming at the same time. So if you want to use it for yourself or send someone your embroidery towels with custom design. Then lovely Girl font will be the best choice for you.

5. Loose Regular

Loose Regular is a decorative stylish font. It can be perfect choice for you to make some awesome embroidery on your towels. Rope shape text will make some awesome texture. I personally recommends this font for any type of embroidery works. It’s so cheap in price that’s why loses regular can be your best choice.

6. Best love

Best Love is a stylish handwriting calligraphy fonts. This font has smooth texture which makes this font one of the best choice for embroidery. This type of fonts looks good in every design and gives your design a premium & stylish feeling. This font has a decent price which can be available in your budget.

7. Sinali

Sinali is a stylish & elegant looking signature font. This font looks so real like it’s someone handwriting. You can use this font to gift goods for someone. This font can show your personal taste to art. I personally like this font and recommend to use. This price is also on your budget so it can be a font which you can fall in love.

8. Lazy Daisy Font

Lazy Daisy font is a stylish calligraphy hand script font. This font can be used in your branding. These type of fonts has different styles. It comes with TTF & OTF format. This font has some awesome swashes which makes this as a best choice for embroidery or printing.

9. Thahiyat Font

Thahiyat font is a monoline hand script font which has some unique character sets. That’s why you can’t find type of font anywhere. You can use this unique font to make your design more special. This font support any types of device like PC or MAC. Though it’s a monopoly font that’s why this font will looks great on stich. It is super cheap you can buy it with your low budget.

10. Be Crafter Font

Be crafter is a hand script font with a beautiful, elegant & attractive looks. This font gives premium vibes for any type of design. It can be one of the best choice for your towels. It’s mainly focus on crafter who really loves art. If you are art lover I think this font can grab your attention became your one of the favorite fonts.

I think this 10 font collection can really help you to find the best font for your towel embroidery. If you love any of the fonts please give a share to your friends who are also looking for this. Thanks for reading this post.

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