10 Best Fonts for Engraving Jewelry

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Jewelry engraving is an ancient idea. But this idea has been prevalent in this era. Who doesn’t love to engrave personalized messages on their favorite jewelry? But the right font is needed to give the text a good look. Here, I am going to help you with some of the best fonts for engraving Jewelry.

The work of inciting texts or messages in any metal or jewelry is known as engraving. Nowadays, engraving is very popular. Especially brides love to engrave in their wedding ring. Engraving has a long history from ancient times.

Script and Sans is the most popularly used font for engraving. But there are a lot of choices apart from this font. Now I am going to let you know about the top

10 best fonts for engraving jewelry:

1. The Paris Lamore Duo Typeface Script and Sans

Screenshot 54, Userinterfacing

As I said before, it is one of the most used fonts for engraving jewelry. It is a very modern font with full of elegance. This font looks fantastic both in small and big fonts. Along with jewelry engraving, this font is vastly used in marketing and packaging because of its stylish look. It can give your jewelry engraving a stylish and classy look. The main specifications of this font are:

  • It has a total of capital letters.
  • The thickness of this font is 6
  • It has expressive ligatures.
  • Classy numbers and punctuation marks
  • The characters are emphasized
  • This font can support various languages
  • The optimum size is 50px.

2. Carla Sans – Elegant Typeface

Screenshot 55, Userinterfacing

Here is another cool font for your jewelry engraving. When you are looking for a font with both contemporary and delicate style, you will want to run for this font. It has enormous substitutions for glyphs, and lovely ligatures too. It provides versatility in sizes. This is another popular font to keep your memory alive in your jewelry.

Let’s know its specifications:

  • The thickness of this font is 4
  • It comes with full caps.
  • The characters are intensified.
  • Supports different languages.
  • Provides stylish numerals as well as punctuation signs.
  • Its optimum size comes in 50px.

3. Emirose

Screenshot 56, Userinterfacing

When you are looking for a font with many forms of ligatures, you might want to go for this font. This font is very cute yet classy for use in jewelry engraving. It will look the best in your pendant or finger ring. It has many alternative letters to use. This comes with high apparel just to impress you. You will be able to create versatile designs to engrave in your jewelry with this font

Here are the specifications of this font:

  • Compatible with computer
  • The optimum size of this font is 12pt
  • Very sweet and luxurious
  • Can be used for making creative designs
  • Unique font for jewelry engraving

4. Classy Marisa – Modern Elegant Typeface

Screenshot 57, Userinterfacing

This font comes with a vintage look, goes best with your vintage jewelry. Many of us have jewelry from our grandparents or parents that we keep as memories. You can engrave in those jewelry using this font. It’s vintage and classy look won’t fail to satisfy you. It has many separate glyphs with beautiful ligatures to fit your need. Moreover, it is available in various languages. You can use this to engrave a stylish text on your jewelry.

The specifications of this font are:

  • The font is of 4 thickness.
  • It has all capital letters
  • Multilingual availability
  • Unique and beautiful numerals and punctuation
  • 50pt optimum size

5. Classy Taylor Typeface

Screenshot 58 1, Userinterfacing

This font can serve the purpose of jewelry engraving very well. This is a super cool font to use in your jewelry. It stylishly provides different characters. It supports different languages. You will be able to use it in your ornaments. The font itself is so classy that it can enhance the beauty of your jewelry so well. It gives each character an exceptional vibe.

Let’s get introduced to its specifications:

  • Font weight is 4
  • It has all the capital letters available.
  • Makes numerals and punctuation marks very special and cool
  • Gives the character superficial accents

6. Karma

Screenshot 59, Userinterfacing

The name itself shows a different level of classic style, so does the font. It’s a very creative font. It emphasizes the texts. If you want the high, classy and emphasized text to engrave in your jewelry, you can use this font. This font goes very well with fashion jewelry.

The specifications of this font are:

  • Beautiful shape
  • Creative design
  • Great for customized engraving
  • Optimum size is 40pt

7. Elegant Karin – Stylish Typeface

Screenshot 60, Userinterfacing

Just like its name, this font is exquisite. It will give you a wonderful and vintage look as well. If you engrave in this font, your jewelry will look like a vintage piece of beauty. Moreover, it works great in both small and big size letters. You can customize it as you like. It can be used in a bold or semi-bold way. It has a unique design for numbers and punctuation. The style of this font will impress you

Let’s know the specifications:

  • The thickness is 4
  • It has all capital letters
  • Consists of different style of numerals and punctuation mark
  • Different languages can be used
  • Beautifully presented characters
  • the optimum size of this font is 35 pt

8. Calliandra

Screenshot 61, Userinterfacing

Another font with full of elegance. This is a circular type font. It looks adorable for its rounded characters. Its numerals and punctuation signs are also very cute. If you have small, little Jewellery, you can engrave in those with this font to make those even cuter. This font looks handwritten so that it will feel very close to your heart.

Below are the specifications:

  • Its optimum size is 14pt
  • Rounded figure
  • Numerals and punctuation are very cute.
  • Can be used in different accessories
  • Looks like calligraphy

9. Stephen Type font – signature font

Screenshot 62, Userinterfacing

This font is a unique and uncommon font. It looks very realistic. Mainly, it is used for handwriting and signature. So, if you want to keep someone’s sign as a memory, you can engrave your jewelry in this font. It has few Latin glyphs and can be used for a wide range of languages. You will have a lot of enjoyment to engrave in this font.

The specifications of this font are:

  • 72pt optimum size
  • Looks like calligraphy fonts
  • Numerous letter styles
  • Multilingual facility

 10. Vicasso Font

Screenshot 63, Userinterfacing

Vicasso is a state of the art font. It is embraced with uniqueness. It has very uncommon characteristics and usage. The details of this font are super high quality. It will amaze you with its font style. You can use it for most of the designs that you want. It has two styles. It provides italic style and regular style too. It allows you to customize any design as you want.

Let’s know the specifications:

  • Two font styles.
  • Available in many languages
  • Suitable for unique designs
  • Optimum size is 36pt
  • Easy to read

Why do people engrave jewelry?

Jewelry engraving gives a special feeling to the user. Anything that is created with something personal touches the heart of people. So, when you engrave jewelry using your sweet memories or even your beloved person’s name, it holds a different meaning than a usual piece of ornament. That’s why even today, people love to engrave jewelry.


Engraving jewelry is very popular since ancient times. In this era, it has got new recognition. People engrave their jewelry to keep special moments with them. So, jewelry engraving is a very special thing to do.

As you have known about some of the best fonts for engraving jewelry, I hope it will make your engraving experience easier and enjoyable. Good luck!

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